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Zero G Kitchen

A Platform for Food Development in Space

Who's doing this?

Ian and Jordana are a recently married couple who found they had a common interest through the professions they love. For Ian, it was working with space businesses and space stations. For Jordana, it was helping restaurants and hotels reach a broader audience through social media. After learning about efforts to provide food of all sorts in space, they knew there was a place for them to make a difference together. With the growth of the commercial space industry and plans to go to the Moon and Mars, they felt that someone should start doing something. They drew up a plan to build household appliances for the space station at low cost and use the power of public engagement, brand promotion to finance their way to building a full kitchen suite in space. The idea for Zero G Kitchen was born!

Chef I and J.png

Building a kitchen in space - One piece at a time!

  1. Start with the easiest piece – a small oven

  2. Bring aboard food experimenters, commercial equipment makers and bakers.

  3. Spread love and excitement about a new wave of zero gravity cooking

  4. Repeat for each new zero gravity appliance!


How do we do this?

By using standard ‘plug-and-play’ interfaces available on the International Space Station and provided by space station services provider NanoRacks, we are able to build our first appliance, an oven to bake food, simply and at low cost.

Getting to Space

Transportation will be aboard the cargo flights that regularly supply the station, either on a SpaceX Dragon or an Northrop Grumman Cygnus, also arranged by NanoRacks.


Kitchen beginnings

To get this all started, NanoRacks built a prototype oven called LuigiLab based on a standard 'NanoLab' format. The oven was tested and a small batch of chocolate chip cookies were made!

Next Steps

With the success of LuigiLab, Ian and Jordana decided to fund the next stage, which is building of the actual flight oven, the design of which is shown here. Project start was February 2018, first customer signed July 2018 and transport to ISS is expected later in 2019.

Oven build.jpg
Zero G Kitchen space oven

The Zero G Kitchen Space Oven.


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Who is this for?

  • Researchers who want to investigate food in space

  • Educators who want to engage students or the general public about space in a relatable way

  • Major food brands that want to showcase the advancements of their products

  • Major appliance brands that want to showcase their technical capabilities

  • Anyone who wants to explore a frontier of cooking in space!

IMG_7227 (1).jpeg

The Zero G Kitchen Team

Ian, Co-Chef



Space entrepreneur, businessman, investor and director of space companies, including  a global space systems manufacturing group. Ian has devoted his work to commercializing space and developing the use of space stations in low earth orbit. Originally from Canada, Ian is a lover of baked goods, especially Montreal bagels and chocolate chip cookies.




Social media expert and blogger serving restaurants and hotels, including a number of iconic chains. Earlier in her career, Jordana served in the New York City Mayor’s Office working under Mayor Bloomberg, in the Community Affairs Unit. Aside from Zero G Kitchen, Jordana runs a book Instagram account @whatsjordanareading

Our Partners


NanoRacks is proudly democratizing the utilization of the low-earth orbit region of space.  By providing a commercial pathway to using the Space Station, with over 700 payloads delivered to date, they have helped make space just another place to do business. NanoRacks will be building, testing and arranging transport of our oven.


Orwashers is a New York City institution.  Founded in 1916 by a Hungarian immigrant family, the bakery began as a small storefront in the Upper East Side. It was borne out of a desire to serve local immigrant community members and focused on the high quality rye, black and grain breads that reflected the traditions of their homeland. Orwashers will help with our baking experiments with its Bread Lab

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New York, NY, USA

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